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Friday, November 22, 2013

5 Signs That Your Industrial Computer System Needs an Upgrade

After a few years of using your current system, you may begin to notice that your computer runs much differently than it did when it was brand new. Do you need a whole new system or could you get by a few more years with a less expensive upgrade? Here are 5 indicators that can help you determine the answer.

1.    Processing power is slower. If the system is the life-line of your operation you may get by with simply upgrading the processor. However, the type of processor is dependent upon other components (motherboard) and vice-versa (heat sink) creating compatibility issues. Count the cost of the processor and those components, if needed, as well as the labor that will be charged. It is possible that upgrading the entire system will be comparable in price and the better choice.

2.    Quickly runs out of memory. Memory issues can often be resolved by adding extra RAM if the current system provides the extra slots or will allow you to switch the current memory sticks to ones with higher RAM capabilities.

3.       Newer applications crash or freeze the system. This is likely due to the system not having the minimum requirements recommended by the software manufacturer. This can often be resolved by determining which of required criteria is lacking – drivers, CPU, operating system - and upgrading those components. If there are many, upgrading the entire system may be the feasible choice.

4.    Your current system won’t let you install drivers for new hardware. This is likely due to compatibility issues between the driver and your current operating system. Any upgrade to your operating system may be necessary.

5.    Support is discontinued. You received notice that your current system has reached its End of Life and will no longer be supported after a future date. This will definitely require an upgrade.

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