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Monday, July 28, 2014

Have it your way, NOW!

Computer Dynamics has been in business for over 30 years and was founded on the principal of providing technology exactly the way our customers want it.  In 1981, this meant custom digital I/O on Z80-based CPUs cards.  Today, this means anything from configuring a system from a wide range of existing choices to building an entire flat panel system including customized single board computers running the latest Intel hardware packaged into specially designed metal work and tested to meet necessary standards.

Customized solutions sometimes bring a negative connotation.  In many cases, customized solutions mean exorbitant development costs, long lead times for development, and proprietary solutions that become painful down the road.  At Computer Dynamics, we understand those concerns and will work with you to minimize the pain caused by each.

With regard to development costs, Computer Dynamics looks at each custom opportunity individually to arrive at the most cost effective way to handle the custom.  Custom work is typically paid for with a Non-recurring Engineering (NRE) Fee that is calculated based on the amount of work required and the total quantity of units needed.  We look to be a long term provider and instead of requiring a large up-front NRE, we would rather like to see your products become successful so you need more product from us. 

Our development times are typically quoted in weeks as opposed to months.  We are able to offer fast lead times because we have such a wide variety of standard products from which to choose to base our initial designs.  No matter what you need, we can usually find something close to a previous design we have done.  In cases where a complete design must be done to accomplish what you need, we are usually still able to provide you with a fast time to prototype and to production due to the amount of design experience we have.

Finally, all of our designs are based on generally available processors and run operating systems like Linux and Microsoft Windows.  There are no unique platforms that lock you in to our designs and products.  Obviously, we hope you like doing business with us and we think you will want to continue to use our products; but, if you want to make a change down the road, you will not have a major issue trying to switch to another vendor’s products.  We hope this makes your decision to use our products an easy one.

Given the long history of Computer Dynamics with designing and providing Industrial PCs along with the Industrial Control knowledge of Cimtec Automation, we are in a unique position to be a long term provider for both your most basic and your most challenging project requirements.