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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Computer Dynamics Releases New Product - DisplayPAC-PCAP15 Release

The new DisplayPAC-PCAP15 uses our well proven Dual Core ATOM motherboard along with a projected capacitive touchscreen mounted inside a sleek looking IP65 stand-alone enclosure.  We are really excited about the use of Projected Capacitive touch technology in the industrial space.  This technology gives our customers multi-touch support in a great looking package that will provide a modern look and feel for any industrial machine.  Because it is completely sealed to an IP65 standard, this unit can be mounted on a swing arm and is able to stand up to the abuse that computer systems are exposed to in industrial environments.  The fact that the enclosure is stainless steel is also an attractive feature to customers in the Food and Beverage as well as Pharmaceutical industries.

The PCAP15 has a nearly flat front face to the display and bezel which means that there is really no place for particulates to gather.  All data and power connections are sealed with this unit. Also, cables with standard connections on the other end come standard, as does an external power supply.  This means the PCAP15 can be sprayed down and easily cleaned.  We find the Intel ATOM dual-core processors provide an excellent performance to power usage ratio making them ideal for most industrial applications.  Additionally, the performance and reliability of solid state drives means that we offer a 32GB SSD as standard.  The best part is that the standard configuration has no moving parts – no fans or rotating hard drives.  Of course, Computer Dynamics can configure the system to order and include a hard drive if a lot of storage space is needed.

To find out more information on this and other flat panel products, please visit us at www.cdynamics.com or contact us.